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Amazing Alex is probably the most expected game of the week and the summer!

The creators of Angry Birds have launched their new game, Amazing Alex, an imaginative physic puzzle game featuring a house full of toys, which you need to clean up by creating great and creative chain reactions.

This is the complete version of the game with absolutely awesome HD graphics, containing all the 100 levels and unlocking future updates when they are released. Don't miss the chance to create and share your own levels either!

No, I haven't play 'Incredible Machine', but everyone here at AZ HQ is

talking about it. This seems to be a new and enhanced puzzle version, a

fun chain reaction game where we guarantee you will spend

many hours playing. In the end, that's what Rovio developers do, right?

They create excellent designed games that have something special,

something that keeps you playing to its physic games for hours, no matter where you are.

Of course we recommend you Amazing Alex, who wouldn't? But we also think

that it's not as original as it could be. Then again, it doesn't really

matter: in no time, you will be as addicted as we are already.


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